Simple, fast and well-arranged taxi ordering online through your company presentation website.

With the SENSET app, you can upload a simple form to your site in 5 minutes without programming.

Customers simply fill the entry point and exit point, which is offered to them directly through automatic posting from Google.
Consequently they choose the date and time of the order and finally the number of people just to make sure what car is needed.

The accepted order is entered into the system, the customer and the business owner are informed by mail.

The system automatically determines the appropriate driver alert time for the service based on the journey time to the customer.

Ak nastane čas kedy je potrebné riešiť plánovanú objednávku, systém pridelí zákazku vodičovi ktorý je v poradí podľa fronty a tomu systém zavolá na telefón, kde mu sympatický hlas povie že „v aplikácii máte plánovanú objednávku, prosím vybavte ju“.

The driver sees all information about the order in the application, can ring the customer to check the validity of the order and so it goes out.

Ak vodič nemôže vybaviť plánovanú objednávku, jednoducho ju presunie na iného vodiča. Ak by náhodou vodič vobec nezodvihol hovor (napr. zaspal), systém počká minútu a objednávku posunie ďalšiemu vodičovi v poradí.

However, if they did not take the planned order, e.g. at night, the system will notify the „emergency“ telephone number that none of the drivers has accepted the planned order, so you know immediately about the situation that you can properly resolve.