Worldwide app for taxi ordering

How simple is the application

The vision of the SENSET application is to be in all smaller towns, thanks to our functions that also use smaller taxis, these companies can also provide a mobile application to you, dear customers.

Log in with your phone number, enter where you want to go and the application will offer you the nearest car. You can choose another car, another taxi company and compare the price list of individual taxi companies. After choosing a suitable taxi you can see on the map how it approaches you. Payment can be made in agreement with the taxi driver in the car, in cash or by credit card *.

* The taxi service itself is responsible for the payment options and equipment of the vehicles. The SENSET app is just a mediator and search engine for the nearest taxi in the city. In the near future, we will also provide direct in-app card payments. If you miss this option, we would be pleased if you would like to encourage us by email to info@senset.sk.